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Roskilde Folkeuniversitet: The shape of things to come – utopian and dystopian visions

Roskilde Universitetsbibliotek

5. februar 2018, 17:00 - 7. maj 2018, 19:00

Roskilde Folkeuniversitet afholder en foredragsrække ved Lektor Laura Horn, som vil igennem 4 foredrag fortælle om utopisk/dystopisk litteratur ud fra et samfundsmæssigt perspektiv. Bemærk, at foredragsrækken foregår på engelsk.

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In the age of climate change, threats of nuclear exchange and Trump, some have argued that it is becoming increasingly difficult for science fiction writers to come up with scenarios that are not unfolding in contemporary societies anyway. And yet there has been a renewed interest in mainly dystopian science fiction, such as the success of the TV adaption of The Handmaid’s Tale, the acclaimed TV anthology Black Mirror or the popularity of young adult fiction such as The Hunger Games. How can dystopian (and utopian!) visions help us understand and transform contemporary societies? In a series of four session, this course offers an opportunity to discuss dystopian and utopian literature from a perspective that brings together literary and social science analysis. Engaging with utopian/dystopian visions can help us expand our ’horizon of the possible’, but also grasp the challenges for our sociological imagination. In each session, we focus on one particular work of science fiction to draw out and discuss implications for contemporary societal challenges. The selection is of course entirely subjective and can in itself be critiqued as such, but will at least be a starting point for discussing a specific theme in each session. There will also be references to contemporary and recent works in each session. Participants are encouraged to read the books, and bring further reading/viewing suggestions, but it will also be possible to participate without preparations. Course sessions Monday 5 February 2017 – The Dispossed (Ursula Le Guin, 1974) Monday 5 March 2017 - Woman on the Edge of Time (Marge Piercy, 1976) Monday 9 April 2017 - The Sheep Look up (John Brunner, 1972) Monday 7 May 2017 - The Parable of the Sower (Octavia Butler, 1993)

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