Black Box Horsens

Black Box Horsens 2019 ...And that's it


fredag den 1. februar 2019, kl. 17:00

This will be the last Black Box Horsens, so come and join us for the end. For one last weekend of black box larps, experiences, connections and inclusion. Play up to four of 20 larps.
DKK 400,00 + Billetgebyr (DKK 4,75) The ticket includes: admission to Black Box Horsens, breakfast, tea, coffee and fruit during the festival, sleeping in sportshall at the venue and up to four scenarios of your choice.
DKK 350,00 + Billetgebyr (DKK 4,75) We have a limited amount of these special tickets. They have a cheaper admission, but contains all the same, as a normal ticket. But we chose which larps you get to play.
DKK 300,00 + Billetgebyr (DKK 4,75) If you are an organizer of BBH or run a larp at BBH we would like to thank you buy offering you a cheaper ticket. You can still buy Larp tickets, as long as they don’t conflict with your schedule.
Søndag 3/1 2019 kl. 12-15 - Publikumsbillet til Welcome to Hard Times
Søndag 3/1 2019 kl. 12-15 - Publikumsbillet til New Voices in Art
Lørdag 2/1 2019 kl. 20.30 til 22.30 - Publikumsbillet til Retropolis
DKK 0,00 (Udsolgt) Friday evening in Vagn ry
Friday evening in Charlin Chaplin
DKK 0,00 (Udsolgt) Friday evening in Dramateket
Friday evening in Projektrummet
Friday evening in Dansesalen
Saturday morning in Vagn Ry
Saturday morning in Charlin Chaplin
Saturday morning in Dramateket
Saturday morning in Projektrummet
Saturday morning in Dansesalen
Saturday evening in Vagn Ry
Saturday evening in Charlin Chaplin
Saturday evening in Dramateket
Saturday evening in Projektrummet
DKK 0,00 (Udsolgt) Saturday evening in Dansesalen
Sunday morning in Vagn Ry
DKK 0,00 (Udsolgt) Sunday morning in Charlin Chaplin
Sunday morning in Dramateket
Sunday morning in Projektrummet
Sunday morning in Dansesalen

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