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Le Rendez-vous de Aarhus

Godsbanen - Aarhus

14. September 2017, at 09:00 - 15. September 2017, at 17:00

What kind of capitals for culture?

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As committed defenders of a Europe of territories and culture, the issue of European Capitals of Culture has always been close to the heart of the members of LIKE. What are the impacts of ECoCs on winning cities – losing cities – communities – the EU itself? As much as we highly value the beneficial impacts of ECoCs on winning LRAs, our network is all the more interested in a critical assessment of the policy and proposals to increase the scope of ECoCs' beneficial impacts. How to favour the collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge between winning cities and candidates, from the past, present and future candidates in order to restore the meaning of ECoCs?

The event is not open.

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