Conditions, Ticket Buyer - v3.14

Organizer draws your attention to the fact that it is up to the ticket buyer before buying to:

Ensure that ticket(s) are for the correct event, date and time.
Ensure that you know the Organizer.

Right to annul

Bought ticket(s) will not be refunded.
Ticket(s) will be refunded only in the event of cancellation.

Replacement of lost ticket(s)

Ticket(s) will not be replaced if they are lost, but if they have disappeared, you can contact Organizer and have them resent – you may be charged.

Copying and re-selling ticket(s)

Every Ticket bought has its own unique barcode that applies to a specific event in accordance with the Event Organiser’s text for this event. It is therefore strictly forbidden, as well as being tantamount to fraud, to copy a ticket for the purpose of gaining entry for several people using the same ticket. All attempts to do so will be reported to the police, and the Event Organiser would like to point out that the ticket holder who arrives first is the one who will gain entry.
Re-selling of tickets is permitted in accordance with applicable Law, and the Event Organiser would like to point out that re-sale at a price that is more expensive than the total price indicated on the tickets is not permitted.

Change of date of event

If the date of an event is changed, the ticket buyer will have to receive information of the new date within 72 hours. After 72 hours, the ticket buyer can cancel the purchase and the event organiser shall be informed hereon immediately and return the payment under “Cancellation of Event"

If an event is cancelled

If an event is cancelled, Organizer will indemnify the price of the ticket(s) - you may be charged, and some charges will not be refunded.

The ticket will be refunded by the event organiser only.

The ticket buyer can only make a claim against any estate concerning an event organiser’s suspension of payments or bankruptcy.


Any form of complaint concerning the actual event and the purchase of ticket(s) must be addressed directly to Organizer - Contact telephone or contact email .

Reservations regarding errors and inadequacies

Organizer makes reservations regarding any errors and inadequacies in prices and descriptions, etc.

The contract between the ticket buyer and Place2Book ApS

Place2Book provides a free ticket booking system for all event organisers. Place2Book neither arranges, manages nor sells tickets on its own behalf or a third party’s behalf and therefore cannot be held responsible for an organiser’s events, either before, during or after.
Place2Book provides only the payment implementation service for an event organiser’s tickets.

Payment card charges

According to current price list.

Seller’s (event organiser’s) responsibility

The Seller (event organiser) is responsible only for ensuring that a “sale”(product, service, event) is implemented/takes place/is rolled out. If an implementation does not take place (cancellation), the Seller (event organiser) will be liable to return to the ticket buyer the full payment made (minus any charges). If a Seller (event organiser) suspends his payments/becomes bankrupt, the ticket buyer is advised to seek cover from the estate for the suspension of payments/bankruptcy.

The above-mentioned conditions will be continuously updated in accordance with general requirements hereon and legislation.