Questions and Answers

Sale of tickets

Who can use the Place2Book ApS system? Place2Book ApS can be used by anyone. Private as business, schools, public institutions and cultural organizations. You can create anything from free events to big concerts with optional services and discount codes. Place2Book ApS offers scanner system, Seating plan (Can be used for theater, fairs, market places for city sales and much more). All you have to do is create a free profile and then just get started. is always ready to advise and guide you if you need it.

Should I create a profile to use the Place2Book ApS system? Yes. You must always create a free profile to use the system

Find a Purchase / Customer. When you're in the organizer you can easily find a purchase;
Click on find ticket;
Enter Customer's Email - and click find;
You will now get a list of the purchases made from the email you have applied for. Select out to the right "see purchase";
When you are in this picture you can edit - all buyer's purchase data - and change something, remember to press "save" and you'll get back in this picture, where you will have to press "resend all tickets" and the buyer will receive a new email With all relevant info.

I can not find my event on my profile? Under "Events" you can find all active events. If your event is already held or settled, you can press "Find Event" and cross the "held" and "calculated" fields. Then you can further specify with on / off dates and tap Find Events.

When will I receive money for my event? Place2book lists all week's events every Sunday evening after which they are sent for transfer 4 banking days afterwards. No payment is made in Christmas and Easter weeks.

Changing bank details. If you change your bank details at some point, you need to do more.
1) Enter your profile. Go up to the right corner and select "Edit Organizer" Then select "Bank Accounts". Create the new bank details. But keep in mind that this does NOT interfere with active events.
2) If you no longer need a bank account, be sure to "Disable" it.
3) Finally, go to all active events and correct bank details to provide the right information on each event.

General advertising on the tickets? At the top when you're in the organizer, you can easily and easily create an advertisement that goes through on all one's events as a standard - it does not assume where you have placed a local advertisement on a single event - but everywhere else you do not Have used advertising will it hit through;
Step 1 ; First choose size and price per ticket.
Step 2; Choose upload of file - pdf, jpg, png.
Step 3; And then just save - click "save".
After that, the advertisement goes through on all your tickets and you can always change this if you wish.

Export list. Log in as an organizer and enter your event, find the "export list" at the bottom of the gray box on the left;
Click and you will get a new picture;
Here you select "send list" without bothering - and you can now insert an email address to which the list will be sent.
You can also get the list displayed in html on its screen - by tapping the boxes next to the format you want or generate a list of, for example. Excel, this may take some time.