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Any purchase with a credit card will be subject to a payment card fee and, if applicable, a ticket fee. The fees are always itemized on the receipt.

Payment card Fees

Depending on the payment card used, the total amount is charged a payment card fee and the specification for all of these can be seen below.
Dancard and VISA/Dancard
Amount< dkk="" 50,00.......="DKK" 0,88="">
Amount< dkk="" 100,00.....="DKK" 1,38="">
Amount > = DKK 100.00....... = DKK 1.74

VISA Electron, VISA Debit, MasterCard, Maestro (issued in Denmark) 1.88% minimum DKK 0.60

American Express (issued in Denmark) 1.57%, minimum DKK 0.88

JCB and American Express (foreign issued) 3.69%, Minimum DKK 1.95

VISA Electron, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro (foreign issued) 3.5% minimum DKK 1.85

Ticket fee

Place2Book ApS imposes on all purchases which contain payment a ticket fee of DKK 4.75 per ticket. Free tickets are thus exempted from the ticket fee.
If ticket fees do not apply to your tickets, this may be due to the promoter's choice to pay the ticket fee.
* Place2Book ApS is subject to defects in prices and descriptions.