“The system is easy to use, both as organizer and as user...”
Kurt Jeppesen - Nørresundby Gymnasium og hf (Læs alle)

Place2book is Denmark's undisputed cheapest online ticket system, where all organizers, professionial as private, easy, simple and quick can set up events, recieve registrations and/or sell tickets.

Click on &IDquo;Create profile” in the box to the right, and soon you will be ready to tailor make your first event to yuor own needs and design.

With only a few clicks you will ahve an online status for registrations and payments with all your events.

It only takes 10 min. to create your profile and event. You are now ready to receive registrations and/or sell tickets to your party, festival, course, excursion, exhibition, sports tournament, yes the possibilities are many.

Place2Books system is as on a link on your homepage and is created via a browser, without having to install programs or pay for server space. If you do not have a homepage you can send registration link via email or put it on your facebook profile.

If you have questions or any good ideas, you are more than welcome to contact Place2Book on: tel. 7023 2550 or

Here is the ticket system, where all organizers, professional and private, can create events, sell tickets and receive registrations.

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Opdatering af persondatapolitik - Punkt 3.13 06-06-2018

Place2Book har efter henvendelse fra offentlige insitutioner og vejledning af jurister, valgt at opdaterer punkt 3.13 i persondatapolitikken.
Det stod tidligere ikke helt klart, at I som Kunder, selv har alle data til rådighed. I kan derved som arrangør, selv give billetkøbere besked om, hvilke oplysninger I (vi) gemmer.
Opdateringen af punkt 3.13, kan ses og hentes under persondatapolitik.

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